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A West to Eastern course is a popular move when searching for a Bed and Breakfasts in Utah. From excellent facilities, fabulous wildlife destinations, world class cuisine and so much more, it makes perfect sense to start by exploring the magnificent South West. This area is known for its exceptional range of attractions and for having some of the most stunning views and monuments in the entire United States.


The San Juan mountains are one of the greatest natural wonders in the United States. They are the home of some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you will ever see. There are beautiful trails and hiking paths to help you discover them, as well as a great choice of accommodation.

Situated in the vicinity of the city of Grand Staircase-Escalante, North Park offers some great areas of magnificent scenery as well as some of the most breathtaking views, with a rich history that dates back over one hundred years. It is a great place to explore this amazing landscape, as well as discover its own spectacular wildlife, such as the mighty Cholla cactus. This area is also home to some excellent hiking trails and wild horse country, making it a great place to unwind, no matter what time of year it is.

In addition to the rich history, beautiful scenery and attractive wildlife, the South Fork of the Virgin River is a great place to visit. It features many great attractions, including the Upper Jordan River walk, which can be a little difficult to navigate at times, but is worth the effort. Also in this area are a number of scenic waterfalls, which are worth visiting when the weather is warm.

North Jordan Valley is another great area to visit and includes some fantastic places to camp and to picnic. The only problem is that the Utah desert is not the best place to visit if you are a beginner! However, if you are an experienced backpacker, then North Jordan Valley is one of the best places to explore and to sleep.

Along the Utah coast is South Jordan, which is a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful beaches and sandy areas. It is also a great place to camp and is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Grand Canyon. You can then continue your trip along the Black Canyon of the Gunnison or onto Grand Mesa National Park, which is a great destination for hikers and bikers, as well as a great place to camp.

The Paddler's Trail is a great way to get to North Utah, which is located just South of Cedar City, where you can pick up a really good place to stay. There are a number of wonderful hiking trails, as well as the occasional fire place and campsite to be found here. All of these options make the town a great base to begin your exploration of the West to East Bed and Breakfast in Utah.

Overall, a Bed and Breakfast in Utah are a fantastic way to go on holiday and is also a great way to travel around the country. So if you have not yet made your mind up as to which direction you would like to take, why not give a Bed and Breakfast in Utah a try?