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You will enjoy your stay in and around Bellevue, WA if you are a Washington resident or if you live elsewhere. You'll find that you have many great things to do in this great city and that the surrounding areas are friendly and have something new to offer. If you are considering going to Washington DC, think about visiting Bellevue, WA!


Bothell, WA is a popular area for homeowners, particularly in north King County, south of Seattle. It is easily reached by I-90, a freeway that starts in Seattle and ends in Vancouver. Bothell is home to one of the major Bothell shopping areas of downtown Bellevue, the Union Square and Downtown Shopping Center. Bothell is also home to several small towns with a variety of residents.

Bothell is also home to Bothell Center, a busy downtown shopping center and several small stores and businesses. The Bothell Center has the most beautiful public art in the area. The old theater that sits along the waterfront is also known as Old Bothell's Theater. It is here that you can get your Broadway tickets, view the boat shows, listen to live music and watch performers on a nightly basis. The Bothell Center is within walking distance of downtown Bellevue.

Bothell is a very diverse place. It has a large Hispanic population who find there is a lot of culture here. Many Latino people also are attracted to the beach because of the opportunities for relaxation and fun. The surrounding Pacific Ocean shoreline is also a popular area for families to go fishing and enjoy some sunshine.

You can travel to Bothell by land and use I-90 or I-405 to get to the downtown Bellevue. There are plenty of good restaurants, shops and other attractions in Bothell. The Pike Place Market is at the very center of downtown Bothell. Here you can buy food and fresh produce from the seafood and plants in the market. It is a great place to find great treats at reasonable prices.

Bothell has two small communities that are both popular for their schools. The town of Lake Forest, located right next to Bothell, is home to four schools. The other community is called Bothell, located right next to Bothell. The Bothell School District is composed of the Bellevue School District and the First Christian School. The Lake Forest School District has a total enrollment of around 500 students.

Bothell is home to the Bothell Rowing Club and the Northwest Academy for the Arts. This is a wonderful arts academy for kids with special needs. If your son or daughter is doing fine in school but wants to learn how to express themselves, they can be artistic and express their feelings through art.

Bellevue, WA is home to a host of fantastic places for entertainment. Bothell is an important city in Washington State. It is noted for its innovative and creative people. If you are looking for a city that has a welcoming atmosphere and is home to places to go to relax and unwind, then you should check out Bothell, WA.