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If you have ever driven around the many beautiful sunsets that California has to offer, then you are familiar with the endless landscape. There is no doubt that California is a world class landscape at its finest. However, what many people do not realize is that there are a great deal of people that enjoy the scenery from the exact same location as you. In fact, these people may be a small minority, but they certainly exist and do exist in a great number.

The Capitol Hill area of San Francisco offers a large amount of cityscape and freeway views. For example, take a look at all of the scenes that you will find along the I-280 corridor. There are picturesque beach views, the mighty and historic bridges, and perhaps the most impressive view of the entire landscape. This is the view of California from the Capitol Hill section of San Francisco.

Visitors who do not know the history of San Francisco will have a hard time trying to comprehend the impact that the Gothic Architecture of this city has had on the rest of the country. San Francisco has been the home of some of the most unique and iconic buildings that the entire world has ever seen. Take a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and you will find the cityscape from here to be fantastic as well.

If you have been to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco and took a stroll down the pathway that leads up to the lighthouse, then you are in for quite a surprise. Take a trip to the Ferry Building and try to count how many sunrises and sunsets you will see before leaving the island. Indeed, this small view has a great deal of significance and historical value.

Camarillo is one of the most scenic places in California. Traveling on Highway One, you will be in for an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and other parts of California. From here, take a look around on the historic cable cars. You will also be able to get a glimpse of the amazing views that can be found throughout the region.

On a foggy afternoon in March, you will be able to drive through the hills of San Benito County and drive up to the top of Chaparral Mountain. Once you are there, you will be able to take in the view that will be presented to you. You will be able to drive right up to the top and view the entire hill from every possible angle. Then, you will have to leave the view behind and continue your journey.

If you are not too sure where you are going to sleep in the middle of the night when you visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then do not worry. You will be able to have your pick of the many hotels in Gatlinburg. These hotels are scattered all over the area and range from four stars to four room motels. This is just one of the many locations that you will find when you travel to the most beautiful town in Tennessee.

Carlsbad Villa is one of the many popular hotels that guests of the popular west coast hotel get to stay at when they are staying in California. From their balcony, guests will be able to see a great deal of the breathtaking vistas that can be found in the northern part of the state. As if that were not enough, the hotel itself is extremely close to all of the major highways, which makes it a great place to spend your time on a Friday or Saturday night.