Area Code 386 - Information about Florida

Florida is a diverse state. It has beaches, cities, mansions, mountains, forests, mangroves, deserts, seas, glaciers, oceans, attractions, scenery, and history. It also has lots of wildlife. Wildlife enthusiasts will be enthralled by the many types of wildlife that inhabit the state, from alligators to panthers to deer.


Florida is the place where people go to escape the rules of weather and seasons, and vacationers flock to these seasonal beaches and parks year-round. Throughout Florida, there are a variety of beach spots, parks, and preserves where families can spend an afternoon, evening, or weekend. In Orlando, for example, there are the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, and Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex.

If you're looking for the romantic setting, you'll find it in Palm Beach County, and Miami is just across the water from this county, so you can go sightseeing on the water as well. This part of Florida is also home to The World's Largest Railroad, so you can also get a glimpse of a railroad on your way to the beach. In DeLand, there's the Delco Field Museum, and in Daytona Beach, you'll find all sorts of attractions for kids, and a couple of attractions for adults.

If you want to spend your time exploring, there are numerous museums, art galleries, and theaters, including the annual Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival, and the Circus Top Secret Show, which is in fact a hidden act performed at the Circus West Palm Beach, Inc. This is one of Florida's most popular outdoor festivals, so you won't want to miss it. In the city of Daytona Beach, you'll find Universal Studios, the Daytona International Speedway, and the Daytona International Speedway Museum.

There are plenty of good restaurants and eating establishments in Florida, and the vast majority of restaurants and eateries have menus available for you to look at. In the city of Daytona Beach, you'll find World Food Stadium, the Joylark Grille, and the Dolphin Cafe. In DeLand, you'll find Coco's and the Edge Bar.

There are also different locations for events throughout the year. For example, the Daytona 500 takes place in December, and the Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival is held in May. At the Daytona International Speedway, you can go behind the scenes to watch the race, and there are plenty of handicappers available for you to hire for your racing needs.

Florida is a resort state, but it doesn't stop there. There are tourist attractions that are unique to the state, including the Panama Canal National Historical Park, the Florida Aquarium, and the Florida Zoo.

Florida's cities, especially in Miami and Daytona Beach, are among the most populated in the country, and you'll find plenty of great entertainment, shopping, dining, and lodging if you're planning a trip to the Sunshine State. Now that you know about the great things to do in Florida, you can start your search to find what you're looking for.