Area Code 364 - Information about Kentucky


You will never be bored when you travel to Kentucky. Traveling to this beautiful state of the USA is a great experience filled with exciting places, people and excitement that will simply not stop until you reach your destination.

The people living in this beautiful region are just as outstanding as the places they live in. The hospitality of the people living in Kentucky is amazing. They do not have any prejudice towards anyone and you will see the warm and welcoming people that you will meet.

When you travel to Bowling Green, you will find an exciting blend of people and fun places. Elizabethtown is one of the finest cities in Kentucky and also offers some of the best shopping opportunities. So, if you like shopping you will find it a pleasure to visit the town of Elizabethtown.

Louisville is another great cities in Kentucky. This city has a great combination of residents and a lot of exciting places to go. When you visit the city of Louisville you will find the atmosphere very festive and fun. You will enjoy a lot of dining options in the night life there.

Lexington is also a great place to visit. It has a blend of people, places and fun. You will find a lot of people working in the hotels in this city but you will also find people that come to enjoy the night life in the night clubs that are found in this city.

Here in Elizabethtown you will find a horse race held on Saturday afternoons. These races are very exciting and you will get to see a lot of action that happens during the day.

If you are looking for a self-drive opportunity then you will find that it is a lot of fun to drive around Kentucky. You will find a variety of driving opportunities available in the state of Kentucky that are very impressive. They offer to rent you a car that you can drive yourself in.

If you love to take in the scenery of the state of Kentucky and you enjoy the open spaces, you will love the fact that you will find these opportunities available to you for a long time. You will find that driving around this beautiful state of the USA is something that will stay with you for a lifetime.