Area Code 352 - Information about Florida

Florida is probably the most famous state in the United States, since it is full of pleasant climates. In fact, a person from anywhere can visit Florida and have a fantastic time. From warm beaches to warm climate, Florida offers a variety of weather conditions that will suit everybody's tastes.


Ocala and Gainesville, both situated in the Florida panhandle are very popular tourist destinations. Ocala is one of the biggest cities in Florida, having a great metropolitan area. Ocala is a quiet town that has just enough of an urban feel with plenty of major street stores and shopping centres. As one of the largest cities in Florida, Ocala is packed with culture and history.

However, Gainesville is the second largest city in Florida and is more of a suburb of Ocala. One of the great things about Gainesville is that it is on the coast and hence there is a lot of beautiful scenery. One can buy one of the many great restaurants in Gainesville and can enjoy the seafood and the beautiful coast.

But with all the cities, Gainesville is one of the best places to live in Florida, since it is located in a wonderful area. It has easy access to the rest of the country and has a much larger metropolitan area, but it is not as large as Ocala. The location of Gainesville is ideal for people looking for an urban lifestyle, and especially for people who love Florida's coastline.

The great climate in Gainesville is one of the main reasons that it is so popular. With the various coastal rivers and lakes around, the climate is a great place to relax and unwind. There are a number of beautiful beaches, plus there are some good golf courses nearby which make the place quite popular with golfers.

Ocala is another popular destination for tourists from across the United States. Ocala is one of the larger cities in Florida and has a great airport, which is right across the street from the University of Florida campus. So the weather can be quite diverse here, since the climate in Florida varies from hot in the summer to extremely cold in the winter. Thus you can find a nice beach, or even a lake if you wish to.

It is very easy to get around here, and one can find plenty of shopping centres. The city has some fabulous golf courses too, which makes it a favourite with golfers. One can find many different types of restaurants here and one can easily see a variety of cuisine here, including Mexican and French cuisine.

The weather is the most important thing when it comes to choosing where to live, whether it is in the United States or somewhere else. You may be a year round person, but you might find that in Florida the weather is quite difficult during the winter and then very mild during the spring.