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North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most desirable locations for retirement living. Although home prices in some North Carolina areas have plummeted, this does not seem to be affecting the investment or sale prices of these homes. North Carolina is home to so many vacationers that the job market and employment opportunities are good.

Asheville is a busy college town in North Carolina that has much to offer to retirees. It is a beautiful college town filled with parks, restaurants, and shops. There are also many different local businesses that cater to the college crowd. If you are retiring or simply are looking for a change of pace, you should consider moving to Asheville.

The mountains and green hills of North Carolina are perfect for people who love to hike, picnic, and enjoy the great outdoors. You can take your family hiking on the Appalachian Trail, go fishing in your favorite lake, or take a cross country ski trip through some of the best ski resorts in the country. There are also many local business owners who will take care of all of your outdoor needs and more.

The Raleigh area is home to a large number of retirees, and because of this there are plenty of affordable homes for them to choose from. The retirement community that provides the best place for retirees to move to is the Mercer Inn in Raleigh. If you want a quiet retirement in the city, it is also the right choice.

Burlington, NC is another great place for retired North Carolinians to move. It is one of the largest cities in the state and is home to a number of college campuses as well as a number of the same types of businesses that you would find in Asheville. You can choose from town homes, condos, or town homes that are a little more expensive, but you will be glad you made the choice to live in a larger city instead of a small rural community.

Greensboro, NC is an inland city and has a population of about 70,000. Because of this, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state. Because of the growing population, there are plenty of jobs available for retirees in Greensboro. There are a variety of small business opportunities that you can get involved with and there are also a lot of educational options available to retirees, such as medical schools, colleges, universities, and other types of universities.

The small town atmosphere of this area of North Carolina makes it a great place for retirees to live. The people are friendly and outgoing, and the scenery is beautiful. In addition, there are a number of job opportunities available for retirees in Greensboro.

North Carolina is home to some of the finest retirement communities in the nation. You should check out the Mercer Inn in Asheville and the Raleigh area and see what you think.