Area Code 321 - Information about Florida

Have you ever been on a cruise ship that could be placed in Florida? If you have, you may not remember all of the great things about the state.


If you take the time to see just how Florida's coast and port cities offer you many opportunities for entertainment and recreation. There are lots of places for you to get away from it all. For instance, you can shop at one of the country's biggest shopping centers, or visit the county fair, or go to the zoo, or even hit the theme parks!

Not only that, but Florida's sunny summer days, breezy breezes, and warm days make for some wonderful sports. Here are a few of the activities that you can participate in:

Canoeing and Kayaking - If you enjoy water activities and watersports, there is plenty of water to explore in Florida. Take a canoe trip through the delta, along the Sarasota Bay. There are also canals that wind through the Everglades, and you can take a tour of the natural history of these natural treasures. Take a cruise on a wooden canoe or sailboat, and spend time touring Florida's beaches and villages. You can even visit the Everglades National Park, if that's more your thing.

Water Skiing - If you enjoy water sports, you will definitely enjoy water skiing in Florida. You can choose to ride an inflatable raft or jet ski, or rent a boat and go on an exclusive ride with guides. Florida's water slides, water slide rentals, and water park rides are sure to have you smiling as you go.

Sailing - The Sunshine State offers some of the best sailing destinations in the country. You can take the high seas, or the flats of the flats, and sail the open waters. During the day, you can either cruise or just relax and soak up the sun. A yacht charter can help you experience Florida's best and is sure to be well worth the adventure!

Golfing - With its famed PGA courses, Florida is a great place to get good value for your money. If you are interested in getting a bit of free help and enjoying the good life, then you may want to try your luck at one of the fabulous golf courses. Many of the top courses in the country are located in the state of Florida.

Now, what about flight simulator games? Check out the Amazons Bay, or even take a flight over the boardwalk to get a real feel for Florida's amusement parks.