Area Code 320 - Information about Minnesota

Minnesota is the largest state in the United States and is bordered by Illinois to the north, Iowa to the east, Wisconsin to the south, and Nebraska to the west. The state was formed when Minnesota Territory ceded parts of what are now the state of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin to the United States in 1858. This was to become one of the nation's first states to be created because it had a large population that wanted the same things that the new country wanted: gold, timber, and clean water.


Minnesota was also selected as the site for the first mission in the Western Hemisphere. The Saint Joseph Mission was established in southwestern Minnesota in the town of Saint Paul. This mission served the Native Americans who were very religious people and felt a strong spiritual connection to God.

One of the best places to see in Minnesota is the Saint Cloud Mall, which is located in downtown Saint Cloud. This mall includes three floors of shops, two floors of restaurants, a hall of mirrors, a twenty-five-foot statue of Jesus, and a skylight. There is also a minster's chapel for those who wish to use it.

The Mall is also a popular destination because of the multitude of attractions that can be found within its grounds. A visitor can find a fun zoo, kids parks, museums, and parks, concerts, and theatres. The mall is located just a few blocks from the airport, so a plane can be parked on the parking lot of the mall, making the trip into and out of the area easier. In addition, this location is in close proximity to many hotels that can offer a traveler great prices on motel rooms.

Another great place to visit in Minnesota is the Twin Cities' Presque Isle Historic Building. The building is an amazing place to visit because it has a beautiful garden that overlooks the Mississippi River. The Twin Cities has a large number of old houses along the river, making it an ideal place to visit and stay.

The Egan Kelly and Margaret Kelly Museum are also located in Saint Cloud. The museum contains artifacts that date back to the building of the Presque Isle Dam. Many items found in the museum include old flour sacks, axe handles, a hatchet, nails, and many other old, interesting items. The museum also displays many Victorian homes that have been preserved in beautiful conditions.

The St. Cloud airport is also a wonderful place to visit because it is a great vacation spot. The airport is one of the most efficient airports in the United States, and travelers get to fly right to Minneapolis or Saint Paul. These two cities are easily accessible by train, car, or taxi.

Minneapolis and Saint Cloud are a top destination for many tourists because of their great weather. Visitors will have no problem experiencing both weather in either location. The climate in Minnesota is usually warm during the summer months, while cold during the winter months.