Area Code 319 - Information about Iowa

Iowa is the perfect example of the old-fashioned life. The mid-western state is the perfect place to settle down and start a family. The laid back attitude of the people is a perfect contrast to the sunny California's beaches and cool cities. To experience the relaxed atmosphere, a family from Iowa moving to a new state can explore the tourist destinations in Iowa that offer some of the best family fun and entertainment.


City Life In Iowa you can enjoy the lush greenery and bustling metropolitan life. While enjoying the life, some important cities that make a good vacation are the Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Waterloo, Burlington, Iowa, Virginia, Oakdale, Hiawatha and Davenport. These are the four great cities of the state and it is important to know what each city has to offer before traveling.

Cedar City - A small town, Cedar City is the perfect home for families. The city has many natural attractions to give you a wonderful time and a change from your daily activities. It is also home to two beautiful state parks, The Cedar Crest Trail and the Cedar Lake Trail. In Cedar City you can relax your mind and body by taking a walk along the Crystal Springs or visit the Cedar Ridge Wilderness Area. The whole city is surrounded by beautiful scenery, the town is safe and there are lots of things to do.

Timbertown - Timbertown is the city where the heart of Iowa is located. It is also home to large farms and the wonderful hotels. The town boasts of many scenic vistas that overlook the beautiful rolling hills. If you are looking for shopping, this is one of the best places to visit.

Cedar Falls - The charming town of Cedar Falls is a good place to start your vacation. It has an array of interesting attractions and they include but not limited to the Cedar Falls State Park, Grand River State Park, the Cedar Falls Theater, the Cedar Valley Music Festival, Railroad Park, Blue Rock Park, Cedar Falls Zoo, Danbury Lake, Carsonville, and the Cedar Falls Fire Museum. In addition to these attractions there are a lot of other things to do and see in the town of Cedar Falls. The excitement will keep you busy while you soak up the relaxing atmosphere. You can also visit the Cavern River Nature Center for an outing in the park.

Iowa City - One of the most exciting cities in the state is the vibrant city of Iowa City. The town has many attractions such as the Zoo, the Waterfront, the Green Building, Fort Des Moines, the Iowa Art Museum, the Rock Garden, etc. You can also have a wonderful time on the Iowa State Fair Grounds. The famous Blue Ribbon concert is also held here.

Vancouver - Vancouver is the next stop on the tour of Iowa which takes you to New Zealand. On your way you can visit the gorgeous sandy beaches of the beach towns in New Zealand. It is a destination worth seeing. It has a rich cultural diversity, award-winning facilities and top class hotels and stunning scenery.

The stunning beauty of the countryside, the vast blue sea and the abundant wildlife of Utah are some of the main reasons why tourists flock to Utah, Oregon and Idaho. Many people travel through the state of Iowa to take advantage of these tourism attractions and some choose to relocate to the state of Utah.