Area Code 317 - Information about Indiana


The first trip to Indiana should be a time of discovery for any nature lover. Indiana is well known for its scenic beauty and its great outdoors. The state is also home to a number of national parks and outdoor recreation areas. With the various parks and recreational areas, there are many things to do in Indiana.

Fishers is an exciting city to visit in Indiana. It has a large number of golf courses and even a few spas. Fishers is an entertainment destination and the popular places to go here are the Indiana State Fair and the annual Greer Days Festival. Popular public attractions in this city include the River Walk, City Hall, Pier 19, Hamilton Dunes and more. The surrounding area has many amusement parks like Hamley Lake, Nobles, Carmel, Westfield and more.

Downtown Fishers is full of sports and water parks and a variety of fun things to do. There are plenty of great restaurants and bars that offer a variety of food and drink options to keep people entertained. One of the best things about downtown is the city's many fine shopping boutiques.

Parks offer activities for children as well as adults, and even have theme parks for kids that are sure to entertain. Carmel and Greenwood both offer plenty of great things to do in Indiana. Carmel boasts many interesting historic buildings, from the Crystal Palace and the Bijou Theatre, to the Carmel Christmas Tree Farm and more. Greenwood is a quaint little town with a great choice of shopping places, cafes and attractions. The Town's World Famous Blue Ribbon Coffee Shop and Hocking Hills Cafe are just two of the wonderful places to eat in this small town.

Indianapolis is one of the biggest cities in Indiana and is home to several attractions. First off, Indianapolis' Victory Station Park features a huge water park and has plenty of great amusement rides. The C.J. Zeitlin Center for the Performing Arts is also located in the city. With so many attractions in this city, it's hard to even name all of them.

Carmel is another beautiful city in Indiana. It is home to numerous historical and cultural attractions. The Carmel History Museum is an important piece of history for any Indiana city and is worth visiting. The theme park Buckwild Amusement Park offers rides and activities for children and adults alike.

Fort Wayne is a nice town in Indiana that has a great selection of eateries, sports bars and more. There are a number of golf courses and hiking trails in this city as well. Franklin Park is a great place to walk or jog and has walking trails to run on as well. Fishers is one of the largest cities in Indiana and has lots of shopping opportunities. For sports fans, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers tickets and other memorabilia to purchase.

Of course, Indiana is a great vacation spot. It is home to countless cities, resorts and things to do, and great people to meet. When planning a vacation, Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood and others are all great places to visit and all great places to stay in.