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Wichita is a small city in the heart of Kansas. There are quite a few places you can go for tours and attractions. Here are some of the top places to visit if you're in Wichita. Enjoy your trip!

Downtown Wichita features several museums and monuments to make your tour enjoyable. The Bicentennial museum features many exhibits on the history of Kansas's rich history. Tour guides are available at the Museum, but there is no charge for tours. The Capitol building is another museum in downtown Wichita. It contains interactive exhibits, like the Robert C. Byrd Gallery which allows people to view the right hand column of the United States Senate.

The main gallery is dedicated to the achievements of Kansas politicians. The It's a Short Walk to Freedom exhibit is also located in the Capitol building that displays things that people can do to help others in need.

Kids will love the Tower of the Winds that the State Historical Society offers. You can tour the construction of the Wichita Skydeck for an up close look at the beautiful Kansas sky. Take a train ride over the Kansas River that passes by historic downtown Wichita and visit the Kansas Union Station, where the world's first commercial passenger railroad operated from.

The Grand Hyatt Regency Wichita offers an all-inclusive tour of downtown Wichita. The Grand Hyatt offers fun and entertainment to those who enjoy being on the road.

The Arkansas-Missouri Parkway is a historical structure that runs from Arkansas to Missouri. It is well-maintained and allows tourists to drive from west to east. In downtown Wichita there is a roundabout that makes traveling between the west and east bound lanes much easier.

The Heart of America National Park is a wonderful place to spend a day. There are several scenic drives and a rugged trail that can be climbed. Some areas of the park are under a closed time because of the soil condition.

If you've ever considered visiting Kansas, consider this destination worth visiting. Wichita is full of fun and interesting things to do. You may want to plan a visit to Wichita.