Area Code 312 - Information about Illinois

As you venture north to the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut border, you will soon discover that Illinois is a place of unique distinctions. Whether you want to spend your vacation by the lakes or take a more adventurous route to explore Illinois, here are the best things to do in Illinois.


West Chicago is one of the Midwest's premiere cities for classic summer fun time activities and people-watching. West Chicago has charming streets, friendly locals, and over 100 parks and recreation centers.

Many historic buildings, and historical sites are located in West Chicago. You can enjoy a tour of these historic buildings and explore the many fascinating historical buildings and architecture throughout the city. Historic buildings in West Chicago include the Marengo House, Westcott House, Fuller House, and Mott Mansion.

The nearby city of Galesburg also boasts a charming downtown that is full of exciting dining and shopping. People who visit Galesburg should head to their nearest Galesburg parking lot. Historic buildings and old-world shops make Galesburg a great destination for a quiet day in the town.

There are science centers and museums throughout the state of Illinois that showcase the rich history of this state. If you are looking for a place to visit with the family, consider the Central Illinois Science Center. This museum features hands-on exhibits, museum style exhibits, and interactive exhibits.

Near Lake Michigan, visitors can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Midwest. Popular beaches in the state include Zumwalt Beach, LaMoure Beach, Will County Beach, and Delavan Beach. Among these beaches, you can expect year-round water activities, such as windsurfing, fishing, and swimming.

There are many attractions that make one stop worthtraveling through for several days. Find one place for every kind of person. From the romantic, to the hilarious, to the adventurous, you will find plenty of places to see and do in Illinois.

Whether you are a Chicago resident or a visitor from the Midwest, you will find plenty of fun things to do in the gorgeous town of Galesburg. You can visit the Zumwalt Beach for a truly perfect family vacation. Galesburg is the perfect place to find yourself in the center of Midwest fun time.