Area Code 309 - Information about Illinois

These days, Illinois is known more for one thing, another state. It's fast becoming a juggernaut state that's heading in an economic direction that's never been seen before in the history of the United States.


The state has created an amazing cultural attraction by its diversity. More than a century ago, some of the country's finest art and architecture was carved out of the Illinois prairie.

Over the years, the world-renowned University of Illinois has developed a huge name in the Ivy League. In fact, it was recently named as one of the top 50 universities in the nation. Another reason why Illinois has a high regard among the wealthy class in the state is because of the state's strong industrial base that continues to this day.

The state has also maintained a wide and broad spectrum of the population in terms of ethnicity, race, and even gender. There are three main ethnic groups that account for a large percentage of the people in the state - the German, the Irish, and the Polish.

Located in the center of the state, there's the big concentration of residents living in the city of Ball. That city is home to a wide variety of culture, including the famous "Little Theater". The Little Theater is a privately owned theater, which is mostly funded by the owner of the theater.

The Little Theater is actually owned by Joseph Stromberg, who has owned it since 1930. While the theater is owned by Mr. Stromberg, it is operated by a company that is owned by the Park District in the downtown area of Ball. The "Little Theater" is known for its diverse programming with activities that feature acts such as the "Shrek Show".The Ivy League schools of Ball University and Illinois State University are both well known as one of the best colleges in the entire Midwest. The early 20th century, when the first few of these two colleges were established, was a significant part of the city's rich history. This past was also the time that the state of Illinois was "formed" which is why many historical buildings and markers stand at the foot of streets and roadways that are well known throughout the state.

Of course, the Little Theater is a major tourist attraction in the area as well. It is said that the "Little Theater" is one of the most recognized places in the entire state because of its unique and distinctive programs.