Area Code 305 - Information about Florida

Florida is one of the best places in the United States. You can find many interesting things to do when you visit Florida, and with the endless number of beaches and sightseeing destinations it offers you Florida is ideal for those who love the sun and surf. There are two great cities in Florida that have gained fame all across the world because of their attractions, whether for tourists or natives.


Miami is one of the largest cities in the United States and home to the world famous "Millionaire's Row" which boasts some of the most expensive properties, the casinos and the clubs, along with a rich history. It is also the capital city of Florida and its slogan is "Welcome to Miami, the Avenue of the Future". It is the cultural and business capital of the state, so you have many options for fun, entertainment and even job opportunities if you want to spend your time in Florida.

Another beautiful place in Florida, even if it is not as famous as Miami, is Aventura. Aventura is a coastal town in Palm Beach County and it offers a lot to see and to do besides the beautiful beaches and the vast expanse of sand. Located next to the Intracoastal Waterway Aventura provides its visitors with a different kind of entertainment which are found nowhere else in Florida. While visiting Aventura there are many restaurants, museums and sightseeing destinations to enjoy.

When it comes to finding a beach vacation in Florida, you have lots of choices to choose from. The beach and the ocean are very popular with people who like to take in the natural beauty of Florida. If you love the sun and sand you will be pleased to know that Miami and the Miami area offer some of the best beaches in the United States, with exciting nightlife and wonderful shops to get you hooked on the whole experience. Miami Beach and the Coral Gables area also provide many of the same things as Miami but with an amazing selection of restaurants and entertainment venues to enjoy.

With these cities in Florida and Palm Beach you also have a choice of having dinner at a fine restaurant or dining in one of the many nightclubs, both offer unique experiences. Take a tour of the area and get a good look at the cities of Miami and Aventura and even though it may seem hard to believe that two cities can be so similar you won't be able to tell the difference. If you are tired of what you have experienced so far this year round in your Florida travel plan, your next stop could be in Miami Florida, because the weather can be warm in the summers and the fall and winter offer good weather for anyone who loves the outdoors. Miami has more golf courses than any other city in Florida, so you can truly enjoy yourself when you visit Miami, but if you are more of a beach person, then you can take a tour of the sandy shores and enjoy the rest of the city without any worries.

Florida is well known for its colorful festivals and beaches are not the only thing you can see while in Florida, you will also want to visit and see the rich history of the state. You can experience everything the state has to offer when you visit Florida, and that is the reason why a large number of people choose to live and work in the Sunshine State. They love the warm climate, its beach and the fact that the food and lodging in Florida are some of the best in the United States.

For those who love the mountains they can visit the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which is a National Park. If you are a golfer you can visit one of the many golf courses in Florida and play some great golf. The only downside about Florida is that the winters can be very cold, but you can also try and ski or play tennis at one of the many state parks.

Florida is a great place to live and it offers you lots of things to do. Your Florida vacation will be a wonderful and memorable experience.