Area Code 301 - Information about Maryland

When it comes to Maryland real estate, the peninsula known as the Eastern Shore of Maryland is arguably the best place to find affordable waterfront homes. The Outer Banks in North Carolina and the Chesapeake Bay to the south provides an abundance of coastal attractions and, in some cases, they even serve as natural barrier islands to ensure no encroachment of the surrounding land. While the Maryland beaches, their neighboring communities and scenic riverfront still have many draws for families and first time home buyers alike, the East Coast is also home to some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Maryland.


For instance, residents in North Baton were ranked the most desirable area for newly built single family homes and could be considered a mixed bag of physical features. The area is often considered more of a cityscape and offers views of the Bay from many of its high-rise apartment buildings. There are also two light rail stations on the way to College Park and the Navy Yard, a short walk to downtown and the University of Maryland and the nation's largest research park.

It is this dense urban environment that makes the Eastern Shore region so popular. This is not to say that people should abandon the experience of being able to stroll on the boardwalk, rent out houses with expansive views or that they can't enjoy quiet, scenic evenings on the edge of the Riverside at several of the charming Chesapeake waterfront parks. They can do all these and so much more.

The Boardwalk in the North Bethesda neighborhood has been a mainstay in the region for years. Its narrow wooden decklines offer breathtaking views of the Baltimore Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. There are a number of great restaurants along the boardwalk as well. However, residents on a budget might want to consider purchasing a house in the neighborhood, which has homes for sale priced around a quarter of what they are actually worth.

In the heart of Baltimore, neighbors to the canal line live in houses in the same region and lots that are marked off for sale are available in two price ranges. The prices range from three hundred thousand dollars to over one million. Even if you cannot afford the higher end houses, there are still plenty of them for sale for residents to choose from.

Residents of Prince George's County, which is located to the south of Baltimore, are lucky to live near the Woodmont Park Recreation Center. While the closest recreation center is located in Tysons Corner, residents in this part of Maryland can enjoy a great deal of amenities, especially if they reside within a half mile of the park. This includes nearby restaurants, plenty of parking and a luxury boat slip. The homes in the Woodmont area are also quite reasonably priced, averaging between two hundred and five hundred dollars per square foot.

Another excellent choice for those searching for an affordable waterfront home is the Northern Arapahoe-Coburg community. The community is located on the Northern Arapahoe Creek, about fifteen miles south of Aurora. Due to the proximity to medical facilities, the community is a pleasant place to raise children. Houses are more affordable and the neighborhoods, which are tucked in between residential and commercial districts, are quiet and safe.

With many great options in Maryland, the real estate market in the region has benefited from the influx of new residents in recent years. Neighborhoods are slowly becoming a commodity again as banks look to attract buyers. Once in a while, you may even see a sell and rent back sign in the windows of a new Baltimore home.