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History. What else does a place with a very rich Texas history have to offer? Alvin and Atascocita are the perfect place for people who are interested in things like silver, tobacco, cattle, and live history. When you go to the bayou region of Texas, you will not be disappointed in the flavor of Texas tradition.


Alvin and Atascocita are named after the two owners of the first building. The building was a Spanish Mission, which eventually grew into the beautiful Alamo. Alvin and Atascocita are a beautiful small town that offers a chance to experience true Texas life.

Baytown - Baytown is actually a string of lakes that connect the cities of Baytown and McKinney. People who visit Baytown have a chance to see the biggest dolphin show in the state. You can also take a hike to one of the most beautiful areas in Texas. When you head north from Baytown to the tiny community of Alvin, you will get a taste of old Texas life. Here you will find a community that is truly the gem of Baytown.

One of the best reasons to visit Baytown is that it is home to the Gulf Shores Marine Center. The center offers a variety of aquatic animals such as sharks, dolphins, a seal colony, and turtles. It is also home to an extremely large reef. The reefs are home to rare fish that is only found in the area. There are other attractions that are worth seeing in Baytown like the Baytown Yacht Club.

Atascocita - This community is home to several historical landmarks. Some of these historical landmarks include the Texas Almanac Museum, Old Town Historical Village, and the Stone Trail. The Almanac Museum will help anyone learn about the history of Texas. The historical village is where you will learn about the history of the city of Atascocita.

During your trip to Atascocita, you can get a taste of old Texas life. If you are looking for good barbecue, then visit Atascocita's biggest restaurant. That is the Dixie Pig. The Dixie Pig has been in business for over fifty years. When you visit Atascocita, you will see that the city of this great little town is full of historical sites.

The historic city of Atascocita is also home to the largest naval base in the United States. The Naval Air Station Corpus Christi was a huge surprise when it opened in the early nineteen sixties. It was the only naval base in the whole of Texas until the closure of the Naval Base in 2020.

The Baytown region of Texas is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It offers some of the most amazing scenery in the country. When you visit Baytown you will get a chance to explore a little of the history of Texas. It is a beautiful little town that has something for everyone.