Area Code 276 - Information about Virginia

Virginia is one of the largest cities in the United States. It is the state capital and is one of the largest cities in the Eastern United States. Its major industries include the defense, education, information technology, healthcare, real estate, and tourism. Most people get a good idea of Virginia from seeing the landmark architecture such as the Old Dominion University and the Capitol Building.


The historic downtown area of Richmond, Virginia is considered a center for many of the activities in the city. There are many large department stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues here. The Lexington Mall is also here, which has restaurants, retail outlets, and a theater. The Covered Bridge is a monument to Confederate heroes, and it has a statue dedicated to General Robert E. Lee. Other monuments include the Jefferson Davis House, which was erected in 1909 to honor Virginia governors.

Though it is located in the Capital Region, the District of Columbia is also a close neighbor. The Washington Monument overlooks the Potomac River and the National Mall. The Riverfront Trail, which includes the Historic George Washington Bridge, has a playground, walking trails, and bike trails, making it a good place for families to have picnics.

For the musical enthusiast, there are many music festivals in the region including Jazz Fest, Beach Music Fest, and Classical Festival. The Richmond International Film Festival showcases a variety of foreign and domestic films.

If you are looking for good local restaurants, there are many to choose from in the region. You can find Thai, Indian, and Italian food, as well as French, Chinese, and Mexican.

Most of the buildings in the city are constructed with high standards, and some even surpass New York City's architecture. The Patriot Center, which was built in 1916, was the site of many battles. It is considered a World War I memorial. Today, it houses the Richmond History Museum.

If you are looking for a more affordable and scenic retreat, the Northern Virginia region is the right place for you. There are many Victorian homes and cottage communities for rent or purchase, and many vacation homes and condos are available as well. There are many things to do here, and the natural beauty makes it an excellent vacation location.

Although it is the largest city in the Eastern United States, it does not get the amount of attention that some of the other major cities do. You will be able to experience the city at a slower pace than in other areas, and the events and festivals that take place in the city are well worth the visit. So why not make your vacation plans in Virginia and have fun?