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For those who are familiar with the two regions in Pennsylvania, Scranton and Hazleton, the geography will make little to no difference to those who do not. Nonetheless, as is the case with most states, each region features a number of notable regional names. One such region is that of Scranton and its surrounding area.

This northeastern part of the state is nothing more than a mountainous region. Some parts of this mountainous area include Lake Erie and the Monongahela River, both of which are located within the city of Scranton. However, both of these waterways are major sources of water supply for the eastern half of the state.

Most of the beautiful scenery in the city of Scranton will be located on top of Mount Washington. The mountain, which can be found within the city of Scranton, is the most popular location to hike and trek around. Additionally, the winter wonderland of the James River serves as a major source of adventure for those seeking winter outdoor activities in the area.

Despite the mountainous terrain that both Scranton and Hazleton have to offer, one of the most popular destinations that are available to visitors to both cities is that of the "Back Mountain." As the name indicates, this is the portion of the mountains that overlook the city of Scranton. Numerous visitors choose to traverse the vast stretches of this mountain in order to enjoy the scenic views that they may receive.

However, while Scranton and Hazleton boast some of the most beautiful landscapes that are found in the state, the other region that provides scenery that has truly impressed visitors to both cities is that of "Scranton and its surrounding area." Unfortunately, this is often the case when it comes to land features within the state. The area is known as being one of the most scenic areas in the entire country, and there are numerous attractions and activities available to visitors.

One of the most prominent and popular attractions in Scranton is that of the Scranton State Park and its Mount Sterling. Mount Sterling, which is located within the park, is one of the largest ones in the region. As a result, it serves as a prime location for walking, hiking, and a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Although Mount Sterling is one of the most popular and famous of all the land features in the state, another highly noted feature is that of "the Rock." This natural feature is one of the largest "rock formations" in the entire nation. As a result, it serves as a fantastic location for nature lovers and hikers alike.

No matter where one chooses to visit, there is a huge selection of attractions available in the cities of Scranton and Hazleton. As one travels further into the northern portion of the state, one will discover a wide range of natural landscapes that are of interest to nature lovers and those who enjoy visiting the outdoors. While this is the case, any visitor will be sure to find the most spectacular geological features in the state.