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Although a lesser-known city, Portage is the main port of call for many Michigan residents. Portage is a beautiful and large city, located just outside of Kalamazoo. With four airports in town, and one international airport in Kalamazoo, it is easier than ever to relocate with your family to Michigan. However, while Kalamazoo may be the ultimate destination for those seeking a family vacation or business relocation, Portage has also become a popular destination among home-buyers looking to purchase a new home in Michigan.


The small town of Portage was established in 1855, when it was incorporated as a village with only 60 residents. That number has fluctuated between 400 and 500 in recent years, but it still remains a small community with a reputation for being a little more rustic than its more populous sister cities, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. The home prices in Portage have increased over the past two decades, making it a good choice for those who are seeking a home that is affordable and yet still has all of the modern amenities that others expect from homes in Michigan. In fact, some of the features that have been popular in Portage in recent years include remodeled kitchens, small patios, sun room, covered porch and above-ground pool.

In the same vein, people relocating to Portage can enjoy the country charm that is found in the state of Michigan, and it's not limited to the state's largest city. If you're considering moving to Portage, you'll find that the small town vibe is very similar to that found in Baltimore, Maryland. There are typically a few nice restaurants and shops within walking distance of most homes. Of course, the nightlife, entertainment and dining options are no less important in this growing town of Kalamazoo County.

For those who are interested in some additional historical and cultural interest, there is a unique history in the area that is worth learning about. First developed as a trading post during the late1600s, the town of Portage served as a headquarters for several early settlers of the state of Michigan. As it became more of a commercial center and industrial center, the houses in Portage became primarily residential and were made of wood, wood beams and planks. As times changed, the wood became tin, but today, there are still those who appreciate the original beauty of this historic town.

It should be easy to see why those who move to Portage often find themselves drawn to the quaint and charming feeling that makes the place so beloved. While it is common to find modern conveniences such as a grocery store, bank, restaurant and recreation center in any larger city, it is much more difficult to find those same conveniences in Portage. This is probably because Portage is so small and quaint that it draws the attention of more people than it could possibly contain. Those who live in Portage are attracted to the sense of comfort that is found there, and many choose to relocate to Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Kalamazoo, or even Saginaw, Michigan, because they enjoy being surrounded by the calm and peaceful atmosphere that is available in these communities.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Portage, Michigan, including both state and national parks, historical sites, and national forests. Those looking for history will enjoy visiting Fort Oakland State Park, which is located directly on the shores of Lake Superior. Also nearby are several historic sites, including the "Old Quarter" of Fort Kalamazoo and the Upper Peninsula Historical Society Museum. For those seeking a different view of the wildlife in the area, many Riverside parks feature trout fishing, and those who are looking for a new, and very similar, view of the wildlife in the area will enjoy Whitefish Point Park and the Adena Nature Preserve.

For those interested in buying a home in Michigan, or for those who wish to relocate to the area for their retirement, the town of Portage has become a popular destination. For those interested in purchasing a home, the city offers many tax incentives and financial opportunities to attract investors and homebuyers. The city recently secured a $1.5 million bond for investment purposes, which will enable those who are interested in investing in properties within the city to receive several interest rates, tax breaks and state rebates. once they put up money to buy a home in Portage.