Area Code 254 - Information about Texas

The name Texas is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. From individuals who are used to being able to send a request for Texas to people who are not familiar with the state at all. One thing that most people agree on is that the name for the state of Texas is "Texas". A lot of people might disagree but one thing is for sure, if someone has had an experience that includes being in Texas, they will have a hard time putting it into words.


When one thinks of Texas, Fort Hood is the first place that comes to mind. While Fort Hood is still active, the base is no longer used for the defense of Texas. If one thought about it, the base of Fort Hood was originally built as a military post and was called Fort Hood when it was a military post. Texas and Fort Hood is similar in many ways. The defense of the state of Texas takes place here and there are several types of base housing and camping grounds that were constructed for use by people during the war.

The next location that gets mentioned is Copperas Cove, which is the biggest of the five cities that make up Fort Hood. The area is now known as Tinley Park and is about two miles west of the entrance to the main base area. One can find some amazing housing accommodations and swimming pool amenities on the grounds of this community.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of residential areas that have been built within the boundaries of Tinley Park and some of them are very impressive. There are a few apartments and rental houses that dot the area as well as apartment complexes that house students living off campus. The actual American Legion Hall that was once located in the area was torn down in the 1980s but it was replaced with a new home that has yet to be completed.

One more location that has become part of the chain of events surrounding the "crescent" that begins in Fort Hood is called Copperas Cove. This area is home to a museum that is dedicated to the WWII Battleship USS Yorktown. The crew of the ship brought a lot of their experiences with them and those memories and stories are displayed throughout the museum.

In the midst of all of the buildings and park land that are located within the area is a small town called Cadet Barracks. This is where the division of cadets at the base of Fort Hood goes to live and learn about their history. The history of the cadets has spanned over 100 years so Cadet Barracks is one of the more important locations in Fort Hood.

Those living in the surrounding areas are just as happy to have a place to call home as those who reside in Tinley Park. The students who live in Copperas Cove and Cadet Barracks have a lot to talk about. They get together to play games and enjoy other activities that help them to relax and become part of a community.

Being able to live and learn at the base of Fort Hood is something that many people enjoy. Having the state and history of Texas in their area is something that many people who are moved to visit know that they cannot do without visiting. Whether they are a resident of the Tinley Park community or they are a cadet at the Cadet Barracks, people that have had an experience that involves being in Texas will have a hard time putting it into words.