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For over a century, Washington State has been one of the fastest growing states in the country. It is home to the largest and most diverse metropolitan area in the US. Many residents and business establishments are proud of the Washington, DC suburb of Arlington. In this article, we will highlight five key factors that make the suburb of Arlington an attractive place to live and work in.

Located in the heart of the country, the state of Washington is home to diverse populations of people. Therefore, it is important to note that residents can expect plenty of culture, history, art, sports, and nightlife in this area. Arlington has plenty of activities available for residents and visitors alike.

East Hill-Meridian is just five miles from the city of Washington DC. It is also a good distance from many major landmarks such as the White House, National Mall, Smithsonian museum, and National Air and Space Museum. This helps make the region an ideal place to live and work. It is one of the few areas in the country where you can still see the famous attractions such as the Washington Monument.

As the newest and most exciting neighborhood to join the ranks of the best areas to live in Washington, Washington DC, the Arlington neighborhood offers residents easy access to the Washington metro station and ample shopping, dining, and nightlife choices. The median income in the Arlington metro station area is about seventy percent more than the national average. It is also near the Metro Waterfront and Silver Line light rail stations, making commuting into the city much easier.

With a strong economy and affordable real estate, a lot of people choose to stay in Arlington, rather than move elsewhere. To be sure, there are some good reasons to move to this section of the state. For example, the neighborhood is located close to many attractions and it is connected to the rest of the Washington, DC metro area. But, there are other more compelling reasons to consider moving to this place.

Arlington is an amazing place to raise a family. Many people look at the picturesque landscapes and view the beautiful golf courses to give their children a chance to play golf. Many people also look at the beautiful homes and view the beautiful views of the Capitol and the ocean. The Arlington neighborhood is a perfect place to raise a family.

Another reason for choosing to live in this part of the state is the fact that it is a good place to get a good education. Arlington High School is ranked #31 in the nation, which means that the students have a strong academic foundation. They also have a track record of preparing students for the challenges of college. Some students in the community even qualify for the Fulbright Scholarship, which allows them to pursue their higher education while in the country.

This suburb of Washington has a rich history and culture. The people here love to gather at the Arts and Crafts Festival, which is held every September. The event brings the best of artisans to town and attracts a lot of visitors.