Area Code 239 - Information about Florida

The northern most tip of Florida is just north of the center of Fort Myers, and that is Bonita Springs. It is close to many major highways, including US-1. You can reach it very quickly from the center of town by driving south, and it will be minutes away from the beaches.


It has many apartment complexes that are suitable for young families, with two and three bedroom apartments, and there are even a few duplex apartments available. Apartments are large, modern, and well decorated. They are situated near shopping malls, parks, a nice beach, and a great location for recreational activities. Other areas in Florida also offer such amenities.

There are some points of interest in the area of Bonita Springs, such as the Bonita Park, which is a lot of fun. It has a golf course, a water park, and tennis courts. It is a small section of the park, but it makes the park more attractive, especially for children.

The area of Bonita Springs also has a mall, the Bonita Crossing Mall, which is surrounded by many shopping centers, so you can find anything there. You will find entertainment in many of the areas in Florida, and the mall offers a sports complex.

There are other points of interest in the area of Bonita Springs, such as the Milers Beach Club, which has a pool and swimming pool, and several restaurants. The Bonita School provides education programs in various fields. There are also several parks, playgrounds, and dog parks, so there is a little bit of everything.

The south side of Bonita Springs is much smaller, but it still offers a lot of things to do, such as places for shopping, dining, and recreation. You can find many of these types of businesses in the center of town, or near the center of the community. There are plenty of shopping malls in the area, including the SpringHill Suites, which has various large department stores.

There are a couple of local diners, where you can eat out, which is an option if you have your own vehicle and cannot enjoy eating out, or if you just want to grab a quick bite at one of the local places. There are also many fast food places, such as Starbucks, which is not too far from the center of town. There are also several other restaurants around the community, and the area is only a short drive from the Sea World Theme Park.

Florida is a fantastic state to live in, and the main reason is because of the great weather and the warm climate, which is why you will be a good candidate for buying a home in Florida. You might like to take a look at some of the different areas in Florida before you make your decision, and you might find that it is all that you expected to find.