Area Code 234 - Information about Ohio

For years now, Cincinnati has been vying for the title of the "Ohio Capital", but that title is not necessarily being given to Columbus. The capital of Ohio is actually a city in the state, and Cincinnati is just a tiny piece of the whole.


As we all know, Oprah Winfrey has made her home in New York City, but she's never left the nation. Her five-time movie "Dreamgirls" starred Oprah as herself, but the movie was shot in various cities all over the country, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. To Oprah's credit, it looks like Cincinnati has a leg up on the rest of the rest.

In fact, most of the people who work in Hollywood will be based out of Atlanta. Remember, this is a city that has hosted such movies as "Basic Instinct"American Psycho". There is no reason Cincinnati shouldn't get the attention it deserves. When Oprah Winfrey bases her home base in Cincinnati, the city should get the acclaim it deserves.

Ohio University is located in Cincinnati. The school has been there for over 100 years, and it's a great place to go to school. It is the perfect place to live if you're a sports fanatic. You can watch your favorite teams while you study.

Here in Ohio, one can expect that future politicians will be from Cincinnati. Some of the greatest minds to ever walk the face of the earth were raised in Ohio. Think about it. John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Tip O'Neill, and two of the greatest humanitarians of our time - Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

If Cincinnati isn't working for you, maybe it's time to go to Chicago. They make some pretty cool brews there, too. Some Cincinnati bars might put you in the wrong frame of mind. However, if you're a true fan of the arts, Cincinnati will do just fine.

Cincinnati is a good place to raise a family. Kids there aren't afraid to ask questions or make comments. You can always tell a city by the kind of families it produces. It's good to raise kids in a neighborhood where they feel safe and comfortable with the school and police that are always around to protect them.

If you want to know what life is like in a city, make the decision to move to one of the cities of Ohio: Hamilton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, or even Ohiostate. It is where I grew up, and I grew up there. This is a city I love. I call it my "residence", but you can call it whatever you want.