Area Code 231 - Information about Michigan

The Michigan Big Apple contains over 20 cities and towns, all vying for a piece of the tourist dollars to come. In order to reach all of these destinations, travelers will be making use of a variety of transportation options. Travelers will need to consider which type of transportation is best suited for them and their intended destination, in order to get to and from their destination.


Michigan residents can visit these other cities within the Big Apple that offer tourists a lot of opportunity. Because so many people will be traveling to Michigan each year, some of these other cities will be experiencing an influx of tourists, as well. It's important to be prepared when visiting these other places, while still staying within the comfort of your own city.

The city of Sudbury is located right along the shore of Lake Michigan. Visitors are able to drive down into the water and take a look at the shipwrecks and bays. This city is just one mile from Norton Shores. Visitors who are looking for a unique and creative way to explore and get to know a little more about this area will find it here.

The Cedar River State Park is located south of Mount Pleasant and offers visitors a chance to view the majestic scenery around them, as well as experience the ambiance of a Caribou Ranch. Visitors to this beautiful park can bring their dogs with them and enjoy the various bird watching opportunities. People who prefer to ride their bikes around the scenic areas in the park will be able to do so without difficulty.

Visitors to the Sondre Forestry Park and Beaudry Woods Preserve can be sure to find a huge variety of wildlife. You'll find lots of wild birds, as well as deer, elk, as well as moose and other mammals. These areas are home to a lot of wildlife that is either endangered or has just become too numerous for the general public to continue.

Visitors who want to explore and enjoy the world's largest freshwater lake can take advantage of the Wildlife Park and Day Use Area, located in Muskegon. They can have their own auto shuttle to take them to and from their lodging as well as the official park entrance, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. This area features a wooded section, a nature trail, as well as a boat launch.

For those who like to explore the outdoors and enjoy all types of adventure, then South Tonawanda is the place for you. The Tuscarawas Scenic Drive will take you through some of the most scenic towns in the state, while also taking you through some of the most beautiful areas of the state. You'll find plenty of quaint accommodations along the way.

Everyone will enjoy Michigan, for sure, but if they choose to visit other cities within the state, they will enjoy some great selection of accommodations. Most of these places will be able to offer travelers great facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, and some have fantastic campgrounds as well. Travelers will want to make sure that they book their reservations as soon as possible in order to ensure that they are among the first to experience all that the state has to offer.