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In many ways, the Ohio City neighborhood is a culmination of the past and present. The end result is a historic center that's been revitalized, with affordable homes all the way to the highest end, and a great mix of urban, suburban, and rural living in the area.


The east side of Cleveland is a bit of a mixed bag, with both brick and residential properties and some older homes, but on the west side of Cleveland it's even more mixed. The real estate market in East Cleveland is the opposite of the east side. There are a lot of abandoned homes, so the average price is not as high, but there are also a lot of upscale homes, many of which have just recently been refurbished. Some of these newly renovated homes have valet parking and are well maintained.

Cleveland Heights High School was actually located in this community, so it's likely that many children were raised here and went on to attend the neighborhood school. The community college is right across the street from the high school, so it's a good idea to avoid visiting the neighborhood after dark.

The most popular activity in Ohio City is probably shopping, and one of the major shopping areas is around the Brook Park Mall, which is about a five minute walk from the Westcott Avenue bridge. One of the best choices for shopping in Ohio City is the Astor Place mall, which features a very large selection of department stores and is completely owned by Bloomingdale's. It is an affordable mall that's conveniently located between most of the wealthier neighborhoods in Ohio City.

The main disadvantage of Ohio City as a place to live is that it's a long commute from the wealthier neighborhoods of Cleveland. The area is also quite isolated, and if you have the time, it would be a nice idea to check out the areas of Lakewood and the suburbs. The schools in Ohio City are not particularly spectacular, but the facilities are good, and are comparable to many of the better public schools in Cleveland.

The real estate market in Ohio City has been slowly increasing since the mid-nineties and has reached an all-time high. With the housing crisis in the U.S., most of the middle class families that moved into Ohio City purchased their homes at a bargain, and have seen a good return on their investment. The real estate market in Ohio City has reached a new record high, and there are many great opportunities to buy or sell real estate in Ohio City.

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A new neighborhood is always fun, but choosing the perfect location for your family or home could be the most challenging decision you make in your life. Make sure you take the time to talk to a local realtor and find the right neighborhood for you and your family.