Area Code 203 - Information about Connecticut

The capital of Connecticut is Fairfield. With the addition of East Haven to the city, this Connecticut city has grown into a major metropolis. But all this new life is accompanied by some pretty serious problems - like crime and drugs. A small town, these problems are not being taken seriously and residents are forced to live in fear and poverty.


In Bridgeport, Danbury, there is one of the most violent areas in Connecticut. As the story goes, the original population was a huge concentration of drunkards, vagrants and prostitutes. But after the fire and with the influx of immigrants, the city slowly stabilized. Now, it is a colorful area of Bridgeport, where food is cheap and everything is cheap. But the criminals still lurk around.

Another major city in Connecticut is East Hudson. It's not only about prostitution related crimes but also drug dealing and drug distribution.

The third largest city in Connecticut is New Britain. The demographics here are mostly white, middle class with high incomes and a large number of people live in the suburbs. For the most part, these people are working hard to keep their community clean. And that is good for them, but they are a huge disadvantage to the neighborhoods around them.

Speaking of which, the most famous "hot spot" is the town of New Britain is having is the most popular pastime among local residents. That past time is called cocaine. And it is actually much bigger than what you might think. A little bit of the size of your palm and in fact much more it's estimated to be up to one and a half million dollars in cocaine yearly sales.

The drug trade is very big in Bridgeport, Danbury, East Haven and New Britain. So much so that all the three places are considered "urban" areas of Connecticut. It makes sense that as these cities grow up, they will gradually turn into tourist destinations for folks who are visiting or want to move there for the nightlife.

This is why we have a civil war. You can understand that the politicians are not taking this lightly. It could very well spell the demise of their political careers if things are not handled properly. The poor will be forced to suffer while the rich will continue to prosper.

Remember that some of the rich people and corporate execs who want to move to these cities also own the police and municipal police force. They can afford to hire professional murderers to solve their problems. These are the types of problems and debates, you need to understand about our society and politics in Connecticut.